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CTA Camp 2019


Our coaches spent last week at the Caio Terra Academy in San Jose to learn from the 12 time world champion himself.

Every year all the affiliate coaches meet at HQ to learn the newest jiu jitsu developments and exchange ideas with each other. BJJ is always evolving and it's very important to stay up to date with the game.

Like in the previous years, most of the time was spent on the fundamentals where Caio made sure that every detail is executed perfectly.

One of the highlights for our coaches were the classes on the leg hug backtake (also known as the matrix). This is something that we already started doing back home and we learned some very nice details from Caio that makes the position a lot more effective.

Of course we didn't just train a lot, we also ate a lot of food. Some of the highlights were all-you-can-eat brazilian BBQ and sushi. This was rounded off with daily trips to wholefoods (why is there no wholefoods in Zurich?).

CTA Camp 2019