Our Instructors


JB is our resident black belt and head instructor. He has been training martial arts for over twenty years.

He received a black belt in Judo and then started training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He’s lived and trained BJJ in California, Australia and the UK before settling in Switzerland.

His goal is for everyone to learn more about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and focus on being technically proficient rather than using strength.

JB likes that the focus of the club is on its members, not profit, so learning is always the priority for everyone on the mats.

He helped to start the BJJ Lab because he wanted a place where people could train in a friendly, supportive and relaxed atmosphere.

The thing he likes most about the lab is that while BJJ is competitive, everyone in the club tries to help each other. JB handles many of the administrative duties for the club.


Pat got started with Kyokushin Karate, but soon after discovered BJJ and continued to train both martial arts for a couple of years.

He spent 6 months as a Kyokushin Karate uchi-deshi (live-in student) in Australia where he trained 3 times per day.

On the way home he also stopped in Thailand to spend 3 months in a muay thai camp. When he arrived back home he decided to stop training standup and focused all his training on BJJ.

Pat likes to travel and has trained in many different places, including Brazil. He has also been to multiple BJJ Globetrotter Camps. He enjoys learning from and training with a lot of different people from all over the world.

He received his brown belt from Caio Terra in 2017 and spends multiple weeks every year training in San Jose at the CTA headquarters to learn from the 11 times world champion.

2017 San Jose Summer Open
Purple Belt Gi - 3rd place

2016 Zurich Open
Purple Belt Nogi - 2nd place
Purple Belt Gi - 1st place

2016 San Jose Open
Purple Belt Gi - 3rd place

Sevi is a jiu jitsu-holic! Jiu-Jitsu helped him to gain confidence and changed a lot in his life.

He likes that BJJ is very laid back and that you can just enjoy rolling with your teammates and improve at the same time.

Sevi is the head of our competition team and a very active competitor.

He enjoys competitions and the preparation that goes into getting ready for one. He believes that you need a goal that will motivate yourself to get better.

2016 Newaza Geneva Open
Gi - 1st place

2016 IDM
Purple Belt Gi - 2nd place

2016 Copa BJJ
Purple Belt Nogi 1st place

2016 Road to ADCC 2
Intermediate - 1st place

2015 Zürich Open
Purple Belt Nogi - 1st place
Purple Belt Gi - 3rd place